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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Designing a custom home theater adds so much more to your living space. Imagine sitting with your friends, family and guests surrounded by encapsulating lights, sound and a visual experience that you have to see to believe. Long Island home theater design & installation company, Techmaven can make that happen. Our elite highly trained design experts will coordinate everything for you making this process seamless.

Whether you live Long Island, NYC, The Hamptons or anywhere else around the world Techmaven will come to you. There is nothing out of our scope to accommodate our clientele. We utilized nothing but the finest, innovative, cutting edge products to design and install your custom home theater. 



Home Theater Audio Design & Installation 

From the audio to the video, the lighting to the cabling and everything in between we have you covered. 


Do you want to just watch a movie? listening to music? Or play a game? Or do you want to experience it? Do you want to live inside it? It sounds crazy but being inside one of Techmaven’s custom home theater puts you in the movie, at the concert and in the game. 



Custom Home Theaters

Your custom home theater will be so close to being at the movies you will want to charge your guests for admission. 


The value of installing a premium home theater goes a long way. Not only do they hold their value tremendously they can be updated and upgraded with the latest technology once something new hits the market. Techmaven is a big believer in system upgrades and service contracts. Once something new is introduced to the product market our elite clients have to have it. We will notify you of the new advances and set our schedule accommodating you for the necessary upgrades. You will never be left behind. 




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