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Having a home specifically tailored to you have so many advantages. A whole home fully customized to your wants and needs. Smart home automation means that we can take everything that makes your life simple and put it in motion. Lights, Sound, Security, Audio. These are only a few features that Long Island smart home automation company, Techmaven can implement for you. As an HTA Certified vendor, Techmaven symbolizes the elite. Our tech is high level and cutting edge. We only use the finest, state of the art products that literally just hit the open markets. The benefits of providing you a smart home are endless. 


Let’s first discuss how incredibly intuitive your home can now be. Imagine being able to control your home with easy voice and tech commands. Here are a few ways that your home can be best suited to fit your lifestyle.



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Audio: Control your home audio, speakers, multi-zone audio systems from your voice or tablets.


Video: Ultra 4K OLED and Quantum Dot displays, video walls, projector systems, movie servers, multi-view video matrices, video art and digital signage, mirror TVs, motorized mounts, and more are all available.


Lighting: Illuminate any rooms you walk into on command.


Shading: Program your window treatments & shades with a press or a button or voice control.


Security: Whether you are home or away you will be able to manage your property giving you peace of mind.


Home Theaters: Once we build a custom made home theater you can command several features to your liking.


Controls: Techmaven provides handheld controllers, in-wall and on-wall touch panels, computer and mobile applications for operating all facets of your smart home systems.



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The possibilities are constant. Technology is changing daily. Consider Techmaven your ever-growing concierge that will keep you in the loop on new tech. All of our products and systems can be upgraded once a new product is introduced. Customizing your domain is rewarding and satisfying. Our highly trained team will work with architects for wiring and infrastructure making sure everything is performed efficiently. 


Our programmers all have a collegiate technical background, and are continually training and gaining new certifications to improve their skills.


We perform specialized services for our clientele that is groundbreaking and elite. 



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