TECHMAVEN Receives HTA Certification

What does it mean to a an HTA Certified Vendor?

Being a Home Technology Association (HTA) Certified vendor is quite different than being a home technology provider.

It is an honor and privilege to be certified with a prestigious company like the HTA. Your skill set, attention to detail, and knowledge must be way above par to make it past the vetting stage of the HTA. Meeting all their criteria puts your business on another operational level. TECHMAVEN has proven technical competence, shining endorsements, and an exceptional reputation.

Some of the criteria that the Home Technology Association (HTA) looks for when certifying a vendor is but are not limited to:

  • Three years of a successful business

  • A stellar reputation amongst the marketplace

  • A history of technical competence

  • At least 1 million dollars of liability insurance

Needless to say, TECHMAVEN surpassed HTA’s criteria and is now an elite HTA Certified luxury company. In a recent interview with the owners of TECHMAVEN, they had this to say about their recent certification and how it impacted their exclusive agency.

Amanda Meltzer, Company President, shares:

“Anything that helps substantiate our commitment to providing the best possible products and services for our clients is a huge benefit to our company. HTA certification does just that, along with raising the reputation of the industry as a whole. By being a member of HTA, we can proudly let all of our design and build partners know that there is a resource for them to use that allows them to qualify Techmaven as well as any other integrator they may be considering using.”

Having this certification separates TECHMAVEN from other outfits in a significant way. When potential clients are looking to hire a home automation company, they know that an HTA certified vendor has advanced technical expertise. A luxury vendor such as TECHMAVEN only provides the very best products, brands and employs screened, highly trained staff to work within lavish homes. Technology is always evolving, and TECHMAVEN is constantly introducing new, innovative ideas and keeping their clientele delighted with their unsurpassed service.

Founded in 2017, TECHMAVEN has over 20 years of experience in the home automation industry.

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